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Founded in 2019, Crimson Infusion has been offering great flavors and fresh roasted whole bean coffee since day one. Everyone deserves exceptional coffee, so we deliver the best quality and superb service at competitive prices. Our dream of a premier coffee experience in our small hometown of Milton, Wisconsin can be yours to enjoy. Keep reading to learn more, or visit us at 608 Vintage in Janesville. Feel free to email us, or send us a quick chat. We look forward to meeting you!

Fresh Roasted
Coffee at Home


As a purveyor of specialty coffee, we care deeply about the quality and taste you can expect in each cup. The art of fresh brewed coffee is a craft we adore. The French Press is one of our favorite brewing methods.  You will consistently get a rich-bodied flavor in just 4 minutes. This is a great way to quickly and easily enjoy craft coffee from the convenience of your own kitchen. 

Find us at
608 Vintage


608 Vintage is your destination for the region's best artists, craftsmen, vintage finds, food producers, furniture refurbishers and all of their unique creations under one roof! This community houses 100 + vendors showcasing local talent, culture, and creativity. You will find Candles, Coffee & Corgis at the center of this indoor vintage market, fully stocked with all of our popular coffee flavors. We also feature unique handcrafted tumblers, hilarious mugs, and handcrafted furniture with a rustic charm.


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