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Your Coffee is Going Bad! 3 Reasons Why Whole Bean Coffee is the Best Choice.

The delicious aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the morning. This simple pleasure is a big part of the reason we love coffee so much. It is one of my favorite aromas, on par with fresh baked bread. And, much like bread - freshness matters.  At Crimson Infusion, we offer fresh-roasted, whole bean coffee because fresh, delicious coffee is important to us. The humble coffee bean goes through many different and important stages before it finds its way into your favorite beverage.   Coffee is harvested as a fruit, often called a coffee cherry. The dark, vibrant crimson color of this fruit is the namesake of our company. There are generally two methods for extracting the bean from a coffee...

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Great Coffee at Home: Where to Begin?

We all love a great cup of coffee. Each of us have our own tastes and preferences, and if you're lucky, your favorite coffee shop makes it just the way you like it. Since you're reading this, you'd probably like to re-create that same kind of experience right in your own kitchen. Unfortunately for so many of us, our only brewing skills involve finding an interesting package in the coffee isle at the local grocery store and scooping it into the coffee maker on the counter.   Which brings us to the question: Where do I start? Unless this is the first stop in your search for a better cup of coffee at home, you've likely encountered a vast and...

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