Great Coffee at Home: Where to Begin?

We all love a great cup of coffee. Each of us have our own tastes and preferences, and if you're lucky, your favorite coffee shop makes it just the way you like it. Since you're reading this, you'd probably like to re-create that same kind of experience right in your own kitchen. Unfortunately for so many of us, our only brewing skills involve finding an interesting package in the coffee isle at the local grocery store and scooping it into the coffee maker on the counter.
Which brings us to the question: Where do I start? Unless this is the first stop in your search for a better cup of coffee at home, you've likely encountered a vast and nearly incomprehensible myriad of terminology. In addition to the sometimes cryptic flavor descriptions of the beans themselves, there are countless ways each coffee can be roasted and brewed.

A french press or a Chemex might just be the best option for you, but before you start filling your cabinets with brewing equipment, it's important to know which coffees you enjoy most.

"Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second." - Edward Abbey

There are a number of ways to find a coffee you'll truly be happy to drink. Cream and sugar are a fine way to make bad coffee palatable. I'm not suggesting you do away with them entirely, if that's how you like your coffee. However, a good coffee should be able to be enjoyed without them. To start, you'll want to learn what you like without turning it into something unrecognizable. Once you know what tastes best, you can add in the extras.
If you're feeling adventurous, you may find your favorite coffee the same way I did. By tasting a lot of different beans, roasts, and brewing methods, you're sure to learn what works for you. A particular bean may have inherent flavors that you prefer. However, the way in which it is roasted may reveal other flavors and intensities that change the end result in significant and surprising ways.

We work with roasters to craft a blend that is, at once unique and flavorful, while also well-balanced for a smooth, enjoyable coffee drinking experience. Each variety is selected to compliment the other flavors in our blend, then roasted to perfectly accentuate the best attributes of the beans.
How you brew your coffee will also influence the end result, and can be a significant part of your coffee experience. All other factors being equal, you may find that a cup of coffee brewed in the trusty auto-drip brewer delivers a similar flavor as a Chemex or V60 pour over brewer. However, texture can vary greatly. Coffee brewed in a french press will have a fuller feel to it than when brewed using a drip method.

There are are a lot of specific ideas and terminologies that we have yet to delve into, and we will try to help you with all of it. Crimson Infusion strives to bring the world of great coffee within reach for everyone. Ultimately, we want to provide you with a cup of coffee that you can enjoy. We use down-to-earth descriptions, and simple options, so you can find the coffee experience that you have been looking for. Keep watching for our latest blog posts to learn more, or click over to our coffee store for more helpful information about the experiences we are excited to offer you!