Your Coffee is Going Bad! 3 Reasons Why Whole Bean Coffee is the Best Choice.

The delicious aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the morning. This simple pleasure is a big part of the reason we love coffee so much. It is one of my favorite aromas, on par with fresh baked bread. And, much like bread - freshness matters. 

Fresh coffee and coffee cherries

At Crimson Infusion, we offer fresh-roasted, whole bean coffee because fresh, delicious coffee is important to us. The humble coffee bean goes through many different and important stages before it finds its way into your favorite beverage.


Coffee is harvested as a fruit, often called a coffee cherry. The dark, vibrant crimson color of this fruit is the namesake of our company. There are generally two methods for extracting the bean from a coffee cherry. The first involves a mechanical process to remove the fruit, while soaking them with water. The second allows the fruit to ferment, and fall away from the bean naturally. Each process imparts the resulting coffee bean with particular properties and flavors unique to the way in which it was extracted. Under the proper conditions, the raw beans can be stored for long periods of time without compromising flavor or freshness.

Medium roasted coffee beans

The remaining steps needed to transform the bean into an invigorating drink are equally important, and much more time-sensitive. First, the beans must be heated to achieve the desired roast. The roast chosen for our blend was selected to best enhance the naturally rich, slightly sweet notes of the varieties we selected. Once coffee has been roasted, it will remain fresh for up to several months, if kept properly.


The final step before brewing that magnificent morning cup of coffee is to grind the beans. It is an absolutely necessary step to ensure that all of the goodness of the coffee bean is fully infused into the water, as you brew it. Why not just deliver it - ready to brew? It would certainly seem like the simplest option for you. However, there are 3 big reasons why we firmly believe in delivering whole beans to dedicated coffee lovers.


1. Quality

When you open a bag of whole bean coffee, you can see it for yourself. With coffee that is already ground, you just can't see the quality of the beans that went into the bag.

French Press

2. Brewing

The grind size of coffee is very important to the quality of the coffee you intend to drink. Most pre-ground coffee is ground to a size that is suitable for the drip coffee pot that many of us use. However, if you enjoy any of the many other ways to brew coffee at home, you won't get a good cup of coffee from your french press or pour-over devices.

French press and cold brew methods require a much coarser grind, while most pour-over devices, including the Chemex or Hario brewers require a finer grind. If you've ever wanted to try making your own espresso in an Aeropress, you'll need a grind that is finer still. Even when brewing in the good ol' drip brewer, you may find you enjoy it that much more if you adjust your grind one way or the other. This is just not an option when buying coffee that is already ground.


3. Freshness

To us, this is probably the most important factor. The moment you grind coffee, it begins to degrade. Buying ground coffee that has been sitting on a store shelf for weeks or months is much like buying stale bread. If it's all you've ever known, you may not realize that processed, packaged bread sold in bulk doesn't have a lot of flavor. The same is true of coffee. If you enjoy coffee, you are going to Love fresh roasted, fresh ground home brewed coffee. There is no better cup of coffee than one you've brewed within minutes of grinding the beans. You'll soon learn that amazing coffee doesn't require $8 per cup, and a trip to the coffee shop.

Hopefully this has helped to clarify why we offer only fresh, whole bean coffee to all the coffee lovers out there. If you're done reading at this point, it's understandable. I have a tendency to carry on. However, if you're interested, there are a couple things to watch for, so you know your coffee is fresh.

First, look for a Roast Date. The expiration date, or "best if used by" dates that you see in the grocery store aren't a good indicator of the freshness of your coffee. These are mostly unenlightened, and give no real understanding of when the coffee was roasted. At best, you'll know for sure when the coffee is completely stale, with no remaining flavor.


We always include a Roast Date on our bags, so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is. When sealed in a cool, dry place, whole bean coffee will stay fresh for months, though the closer you are to the roast date, the better your assurance of a clean, flavorful cup.


Watch your coffee bloom. No, we're not asking you to travel to a distant, tropical land to look at a flowering coffee plant. We also won't discourage you from doing so, but that's not what we mean when we say "bloom".


A reaction happens when you pour hot water over fresh coffee grounds. Immediately, the coffee begins to bubble and expand. This is what is called the bloom. Fresh coffee does this easily, and with great vigor. You will also immediately note the intense, glorious aroma. Stale coffee has a far more listless bloom, and the aroma is muted and lifeless. Perhaps that is an overly dramatic description, but try it sometime for yourself. Even if you intend to brew all your coffee in a drip brewer, out of sight of watchful eyes. You can see how fresh your coffee is by placing some grounds in a coffee mug, and pouring over with hot water. Observe the activity and aroma. Compare fresh coffee with something that has been sitting around for a while. Compare it with pre-ground coffee from the store. It doesn't take a trained eye to see an obvious difference.


Thanks for sticking around, and hearing me out. You are truly a dedicated coffee lover! You deserve a reward for your enthusiasm. Use promo code COFFEE10, for 10% off your next coffee purchase at