"Odyssey" Mahogany Writing Box

"Odyssey" Mahogany Writing Box


This Writing Box is one of a kind, made in Milton, WI. Crafted from Mahogany, the rich color of this writing box adds a brilliance to its clean form. The box and leather inset were hand-crafted to neatly accommodate everything needed for a writer on the go. It contains many hand-crafted items to get your kit started, including a handmade journal and pens. 

  • Included with your Writing Box:

    Congratulations on finding your new favorite writing tool! Writing boxes have been enjoyed for centuries. These wooden boxes feature a smooth, flat surface for writing, which can be propped open at an angle for comfortable composition.

    Every box includes the essential implements to get you started on your mobile writing journey. Inside, you will find a gorgeous handmade leather journal, one ballpoint and one stylish rollerball pen, mechanical pencil, magnifying glass, metal ruler, and a handmade notebook.